Programa Beda: Diplomas Cambridge y Halloween

Entrega Diplomas Cambridge 2015

Doña Adriana Real, asesora de Cambridge ESOL, presidió la ceremonia de entrega de certificados que acreditan el nivel a los alumnos de nuestro centro que se examinaron en el mes de junio de los exámenes Cambridge.
Os damos la enhorabuena a todos por los excelentes resultados obtenidos y os animamos a seguir mejorando vuestro inglés.

Halloween: The Legend of the Jack-o-Lantern

A long time ago in Ireland, there was a man named Jack. They called him Stingy Jack because he was greedy and liked to trick people. One day he was in a bar, and he met a man. This man was the Devil. Jack and the Devil had a drink, but when it was time to pay, Jack didn´t have any money. Jack told the Devil that he should change into a coin so they can pay for the drinks, and then he could change back into his original form. The Devil liked this idea and agreed to do it, and he changed into a coin. Instead of using the coin to pay for the drinks, Jack put the coin in his pocket. Inside his pocket, Jack also had a cross. Since this cross was close to the Devil, he lost all his powers and couldn´t change back into his original form. He decided to make a deal with Jack. If Jack let him change back, he wouldn´t bother him for an entire year. Jack agreed, and took the coin out of his pocket. The Devil changed back, and the two went their separate ways.

A year later, Jack was in a forest and the Devil appeared, and they talked for a while. Jack told the Devil he was hungry and asked if he could climb up this apple tree and pick him an apple. The Devil was hungry too, so he climbed the tree and picked two apples. While the Devil was in the tree, Jack carved the symbol of the cross into the trunk of the tree. This prevented the Devil from coming down from the tree. The Devil again proposed a deal. The Devil said that if Jack let him down, he wouldn´t bother him for the rest of his life, and when he died he wouldn´t have to go to Hell. Jack liked this deal, so he agreed. He crossed out the carving in the trunk. The Devil climbed down the tree, and the two went their separate ways.

Many years later, Jack died. He went up to Heaven and met Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter told Jack that he couldn´t enter Heaven because he had been very bad during his life, tricking people everywhere. Saint Peter sent Jack down to Hell. In Hell, Jack met the Devil, but he didn´t let Jack enter Hell because of their deal. The Devil told Jack that he had to spend eternity wandering around the world as a spirit. The spirit world is very dark, so the Devil gave jack a burning piece of coal. The coal was too hot to hold in his hands, so Jack picked a turnip out of the ground, cut a small hole in it, and put the coal inside. He held the turnip by the leaves and used it as a lantern so he could find his way through the spirit world.

The people of Ireland called this spirit Jack of the Lantern, or Jack-o-Lantern. The Irish started carving turnips, potatoes, beets, and other root vegetables and putting candles inside them so Jack could find his way. When the Irish emigrated to the United States in the 19th century, they brought this tradition with them. In the United States they found a better vegetable to use as their lanterns – pumpkins! These were much larger and easier to carve than the smaller turnips. This tradition of carving pumpkins during Halloween continues today all around the world.

Sean Christensen